Why I’m Quitting My Job

I was a mitigation witness for a criminal defendant. After answering both the PA and DA’s questions, the judge decided to question me. Without reciting 20 minutes of back and forth, the judge asked me (paraphrased) if this generation was more prone to violence, started citing black male murder statistics, and asked me, “But what about Chicago?” I was incensed, but had to be mindful that I was there offering testimony for a black man, and I did not want to become argumentative with the judge, for fear that he would use that as an excuse to increase this man’s sentence, despite the fact that, as a pre-trial detainee, the defendant had already spent enough time to qualify for release, if sentenced at the low end of the sentencing range. As a first time offender, he should have received this minimum sentence anyway. But we all know that black men draw higher sentences than their white counterparts, for the exact same offenses with the exact same (or comparable) backgrounds.

Anyway, I head back to the office pissed off to the highest point of pisstivity. The white male attorney in my office, whom I do not work for or with (he rents space in our suite), asked me how it went in court. I told him what the judge said to me, and his response was, “So, basically the judge is locking up all the niggers today.”

And that, my friends, is why I am quitting my job. I cannot and will not work in an office with this beast. There is no point in reporting this to my boss because the man who said this will simply deny it, then probably try to sue me for slander. I’m out. I am selling off all my designer handbags (gifted to me by my aunt and mother) to sustain myself and pay for the move.

I am going to get a copy of the transcript from the sentencing hearing to document exactly what the judge did, which had nothing to do with the case before him… not that anything will happen to this judge after I expose it.

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