Elderly Disabled Rape & Accident Victim Needs Us

Marilyn Dixon ~ I met her in-person today, and will let her story speak to you directly. Please see the links below .

Marilyn is an elderly, wheelchair-confined woman who was attacked by a serial rapist.

In addition, Marilyn was involved in a wheelchair/car accident just months ago, sustaining injuries that hospitalized her for a week. Marilyn is a woman who just needs love and help and a community to uplift her. I am so honored to have met her today. We cried together in my office, and I just became so overwhelmed with love and hope for her.

I told Marilyn about my social media following and asked her for permission to start this crowdfund, with the goals of securing her a phone and wheelchair, both of which she desperately needs. I am hopeful someone will mail a spare phone to me that they happen to still have (one in excellent condition), something we can turn on under a pre-pay plan of some sort. Then, I hope to secure enough funds to deliver the phone to her with an entire year pre-paid. At about $50/month, this is very doable. As you are always used to me doing, I will document the purchase of phone airtime publicly, on Twitter and tumblr. If you have a phone you would like to donate, please contact me on Twitter HERE.

Donations for phone airtime/minutes/data and to the wheelchair fund can be made via the following (and please specify which you want your money to go to, if you wish to restrict your donation):

Square (aka Cash.Me) at Cash.Me/$MyActivism (FREE, just put the app on your phone) or PayPal: paypal.me/TheDivaTracy – Use the send money to friends/family option so that there is NO fee.

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